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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Hey, how are you all doing? I hope you're good! Well...thank you for subscribing to my website and for your patience! I'm learning as I go here. Lol

If you've bought my single 'Paradise' I hope you're enjoying it and that it's giving you a feeling of well-being, as I intended. I've not let it be known yet, but I'm attempting to do a video for the track. As usual, I'm trying to do things myself, so I'm currently wearing a 'video director', 'videographer', and 'video editor' and it's a long and arduous learning process. But I'm going to get there! It has meant that I've not had much time for performing and updating my social media.

However, I'm going to be interviewed and performing live on DJ Sapphire's Smooth Jazz Lounge online radio show at 8.30pm on 07/07/21. This is a free Evenbrite event , which also includes interviews with 'Mama Used To Say''s Junior Giscombe, famous smooth jazz artists Randy Scott, and @Don-E. See the link below. Feel free to give me your feed back on the interview!

Thanks again for your support!

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed that! A new experience performing live on Zoom and trying to set up the sound. It was a little off in my ears, despite the sound being on point prior to going live. 😅 I hope it sounded OK for those who watched and thank you so much for 'tuning in'. 🥰 MWAH!

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