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After 10 years of working as a full-time professional events saxophonist, Samantha-Jayne is proud to announce that her debut single 'Paradise' is due for release on 12th April 2021.  Click here to listen and purchase!

Musical Development

Samantha-Jayne's interest in the sax started when, at age 17, she first heard Kenny G's 'Song Bird'. The next week, armed with £400 savings from her Saturday job, she set off for Birmingham for some serious clothes shopping, but stumbled across a music shop with a soprano sax in the window. The price? ... £400!


Samantha-Jayne is a talented, self-taught saxophonist who uniquely learned to play 'by ear'.   She plays the soprano, alto and tenor saxophones.  With the close resemblance of the saxophone to the human voice, combined with Samantha-Jayne's warm sax tones and exceptional improvisational skills, her performances are full of emotion and expression.  Samantha-Jayne doesn't just play her saxophones, she makes them sing as well as speak, to the listener!  She has a God-given talent that enables her to play most genres of music!  

Samantha-Jayne has toured the UK, Germany and Miami with local Gospel bands and as part of the band for: 'Simply Luther' (Steve Williamson), The Geroge Michael Story, Whitney (Nia King). Roy Carter (Heat Wave, The Foundations, The Drifters).   She has performed at hundreds of event types and past customers include: for the funeral of the late Cyrille Regis, Harry Potter Star James Phelps, Ex-Aston Villa Captain Stiliyan Petrov, Ex-footballer Dave Barnett, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Eboni Usoro-Brown, Four-times Olympic Gold Medalist Equestrian rider.  Andrew Hoy and many more!


It's great to have had the 'safety net' of my office job removed!  That sounds a little crazy right? Having always been a lover of music, as a teenager, I dreamed of being a singer.  But dreaming was all I would do as I was painfully shy, and so kept my singing performances to when in the shower!  I left school not knowing what I wanted to do, and 'fell' into office admin, which I did for 20 years.  For the last 18 of those years I was employed as a Service Delivery Co-ordinator at the Forensic Science Service, until the company closed in 2011. 


At age 24, I had my son and was a single parent from the 'get go'. It's been a tough but rewarding 23 years a single parent and I give God thanks for continuing to carry me through many difficult circumstances. I'm very proud of the young man that my son has become!  I can now look back and be grateful for my admin. job as it enabled me to provide for my son and get on the property ladder; but there were 'obstructions' for career growth and development and I would pray to God for a way out.   In 2005, aged 31, I started to think about a career as a secondary school music teacher.  So, whilst still working full-time at the Forensic Science Service and being a single parent, I commenced studying for a 6-year BA (Hons) with the Open University.  I also went to Business Link sessions to obtain an understanding of what starting a business would entail.  The key point that hit home  during these sessions was that "starting your own business is risky, so make sure that it's a calculated risk!"  On reflection, I knew that, as a single parent, I couldn't afford to walk out of a job that had a decent wage and so I gave up on the idea of becoming a professional saxophonist.  


Although I played my soprano sax and toured with a few gospel bands, I mainly played as part of the worship team at the church that I attended.   However, the soprano sax was unsuitable for some songs.  In 2010, I decided to buy my alto and tenor saxes and practised daily.  I found that my P. Mauriat alto sax was my voice and my playing ability and style grew massively from this point.   The following year the Forensic Science Service closed. God knew!  This was it...the window of opportunity that God had prepared me for!    'Samantha-Jayne: A saxophonist For All Occasions' became a reality in Aug 2011!

Thank You For Your Support!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my past and future customers who have booked me for their events!  It's been a difficult, yet extremely rewarding 10-years, made worthwhile by the joy of and feedback from customers and people who have heard me play!  What a privilege it's been for me to be a part of so many life celebrations and also an honour to have been the saxophonist of choice for customers who have lost loved ones.


Please continue to support 'Samantha-Jayne' by "spreading the word', Following, Liking and Commenting on as many of my social media as possible, (THOSE NUMBERS ARE GAME-CHANGERS) and purchasing the single! It would be greatly appreciated and would bring much-needed support to enable me to continue sharing my music with you.  Don't forget to subscribe for updates!


Performing for you all is my Paradise!

Much love and stay safe! 

Samantha-Jayne xx

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